Utilization reports give you a better understanding of how your resources are utilized. You can identify patterns in usage and opportunities to increase the value of your Amplitude investment.

You can access usage reports at the user or team level. When using a product, you can filter the report by the date and select to display only usage that is unique or complete.

The detailed usage report helps you track individual software assignments. If you find out that employees aren’t using software because of inadequate training, you can modify the software licenses to accommodate their needs. In addition, this data can help you ensure that your employees adhere to the agreed upon standards and licensing policies.

You can access COUNTER reports for Gale products through the Gale Usage Reports Portal, accessible via Gale Admin or the Gale Usage Dashboard. Gale provides new COUNTER 5 reporting starting with usage in January 2019. Glossary for Usage Terms gives definitions of the metrics and the terms used in these reports.

Each project is provided with a monthly rollup report that is updated every day to reflect the usage of the resource for the month up until the time of. You can also generate daily reports for any project by clicking Generate Report. These reports are comma separator value (CSV) files that can be downloaded to your computer.


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