secure software tips

It’s a challenge to create secure software, however it is essential for protecting the data and operations of businesses. New Relic recently hosted a Twitter Space with Harry Kimpel from Snyk and Frank Dornberger from movingimage to discuss ways that software engineers can build a security mindset that will produce reliable, production-ready applications.

As part of the discussion, we identified eight ways to help developers create a security mindset and create more secure applications. These tips are a result of that conversation and other research on how to make your software as secure as it can be.

Make sure your employees know how to find and fix security holes in their code. Educate them with training which includes safe coding methods and how to protect against common threats like phishing. Plan regular, cross functional meetings to introduce new vulnerabilities and threats to your team. This will allow your developers the opportunity to work with other teams facing similar issues.

Create a repository of knowledge and a written record of your company’s software security policies. This allows your employees to refer to it when they are writing code, and also ensure that everyone knows the rules.

Consider the security implications when using third-party libraries or components within your applications. If they’re not updated regularly There is a good risk of them having security weaknesses that could be exploited by cybercriminals. Use a tool to identify any security vulnerabilities.

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