A clear communication is essential when it comes to meeting of the board of a non-profit organization.

It is essential that your board members understand the objectives of their meetings and how they can be integrated with the overall plan of your organization. Instead of spending time discussing routine, basic information that could be shared in advance via the board portal or board meeting packages, it’s crucial to keep the discussion focused on the generative goals and strategic decisions that will grow your nonprofit organization.

Make a plan for the agenda and send the materials to your board members ahead of time. This will allow them to get familiar with what the meeting is about. It’s impossible to conduct a productive board meeting if your board members arrive at meeting frantically searching for documents and reports, as well as other information.

Include a “mission-moment” at each board meeting to showcase the real-life progress and success of your organisation. This will keep your board members motivated and engaged for the duration of every meeting. It does not matter if your purpose moment involves sharing images or videos of testimonials, it’s a great way to keep your board members engaged in the progress of your company. When it comes time to focus on fundraising or other tasks your board will be motivated to meet your organization’s goals. Read our article for more suggestions on how to run an effective nonprofit board meeting.


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