Avast Secure Browser, a Chromium web browser, comes with many privacy and security features. It’s an excellent connectsecure.info option for those who are content with their current browser but would like to add additional features, such as ad-blocking or VPN. It also comes with a variety of personalization options, making it great for those that like to be set up precisely how they want it. It’s fast and also is compatible across all platforms, so you can get the same browsing experience across all of your devices – with bookmarks and your history being a part of you.

You’ll first notice how fast this browser is. It’s nearly the same speed as Chrome and that speed carries into real-world use. It also blocks advertisements to stop you from getting distracted while browsing, and will block flash data files, which can aid in loading pages faster. It also comes with an anti-tracking feature that will prevent websites from tracking your actions. It will also check your passwords on websites such as HaveIBeenPwned and ensure that they are safe.

The browser also comes with a number of extensions already installed, but you can easily install more from the Store. Bank Mode is one of the most useful features. It’s an sandbox feature that runs your browser and other applications on a virtual machine, separate from your main system. This is meant to protect you from any fraudulent scams by keeping your banking details private.

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