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The ability to effectively conduct due diligence is a critical aspect of the M&A Process. Understanding the most common due diligence questions and the answers can help you evaluate possible risks and make an informed decision.

What is your approach to resolving disagreements in the due diligence process?

The interviewer wants to know what you would do in a situation where there is a discrepancy between internal and public documents. They are looking for your ability to pinpoint the issue, conduct the necessary investigation, and then take action to fix it. This test is designed to test your attention to detail and your performance under pressure.

How do you determine the quality of the financial data for a business?

The objective of the buy-side is to determine if the company being considered for purchase can generate enough revenues to pay off its debt and other obligations. This is done by looking at the cash flows of a company and comparing them to those of its competitors. It is important to understand the company’s current assets (accounts receivable and inventory) and liabilities (accrued payroll, accounts payable, and accrued interest).

What steps should you take to protect confidential information during a due diligence investigation?

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