Document management platforms assist businesses to increase productivity and efficiency by reducing time spent manually searching for, sharing, and organizing documents. They provide a central electronic storage space for documents to be stored, edited and tracked. They also assist in streamlining the creation, organization, and archiving of these documents to save more time for team members and managers to focus on their day-to-day work.

A reliable document management system is designed to be secure and easy to access with a web-based interface that makes it simple for authorized users to access and share files. It also provides a log of who has accessed or modified a file, along with a history of version. A lot of systems can be cloud-based so files are easily stored and protected from physical or natural disasters.

Ideally, a document-management program should enable collaboration between all parties in an organization. This improves consistency and communication, while reducing the chance of errors in documents or misunderstandings. It should also come a knockout post with a PDF Editor that allows you to edit and make changes directly to PDF documents. This will prevent duplicate documents or overwriting files and allows managers to see every edit made in a file’s history making it easier for anyone to locate the most up-to-date document version.

ClickUp is a powerful collaboration tool that can support cross-functional workflows is a prime example of an application for managing documents that also comes with powerful tools for managing projects to help teamwork and ensure that projects stay on schedule. The software can integrate with more than 1,000 other tools which allows teams to sync their work and keep on the same page from any location on any device.

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