When choosing new board members for your small business or nonprofit The best candidates for the board must be those who have an enthusiasm for the organization’s mission and are willing to put in their time. The selection process must be thorough. Don’t select someone just because they’re a family member or friend. You should investigate their background, request references and do a conflict of interest review to be sure that you’re choosing the right people to help your business expand and grow.

The board members must have experience in the field and capable of leveraging their industry expertise to help the board make informed decisions. They must be able think ahead and challenge the status quo. Boards should be balanced; you do not want a board over-loaded with visionaries and not enough execution experts.

Ideally, the new board member will have prior experience on other boards, but this is not always feasible. If the person does not have previous experience on boards, it is important Full Article to consider the number of boards they are on and what their role is. Too many boards can lead to burnout and a lack in focus.

Some leaders make the mistake of surrounding themselves with “yes-people”. They select only those who agree with their choices and do not doubt them. This is dangerous for the capital of investors, employees’ futures and the future of their businesses. It is crucial to promote lively discussion and bring in new perspectives to improve your company’s chances of success.

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